Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blogging For Money

It’s not that it is easier to make money blogging compared to regular websites because I’m not sure it is but there is no getting away from the fact that blogs are quicker to get up and running, Google prefers blogs so they are quicker to rank (although they may have a shorter shelf life) and you can find a plug-in for just about any task you have in mind.

Probably the reason that swings the pendulum in favor of blogging for money rather than websites though is that thanks to Article marketing Automation there is a constant supply of fresh content on tap for all those blogs those of us who play the numbers game build.

Competition in the Blogosphere

According to Technorati there were 120,000 new blogs being created every day back in March 2007. That was 5000 an hour or nearly 2 a second and it will be many more by now.

You would think it would be impossible to ever make money blogging with all that competition but how many of those new bloggers are hoping to make money and out of the one’s that are hoping, how many of them actually know how to?

One of the first things I noticed with the articles being published on my blogs from people using Article Marketing Automation is that there are a lot of marketers that simply do not know what they are doing. The most common error for instance is linking to their own blogs using “click here” as the anchor text rather than the keywords they hope to rank for.

Why would you sign up and pay to use a link building system when obviously you don’t understand the principles of linking?

Another reason the competition isn’t as bad as it first appears is that 95% of people trying to make money online will no longer be within a year. They buy an ebook and follow the instructions until a week later the next big thing comes out. They fall for the sales pitch that promises riches even quicker than the first one so they start following the new plan and drop last weeks.

This goes on for up to a year until eventually the person takes stock of how much they have spent trying to make money online and realizes they have spent far more than they have made and there ends the career of another wannabe online entrepreneur.

Of course, those that give up are replaced by yet more newbies eager to buy the latest ebooks and courses promising untold wealth for a “few minutes work.” The 5% that stuck it out past the 12 month mark though have a significant advantage over the new crop as they have broken out of that cycle and are now getting on with rinsing and repeating a system they have found works for them.

Get Blogging

Always remember that to make money blogging you are playing nothing more than a numbers game. Once you can generate traffic to your blog you will make money and the amount will be directly related to your traffic figures.

Knowing this you can either go for building one ASC authority blog that will eventually pull in the required numbers you need to meet your monetary goal or you can build several that split the required amounts needed between them or even build hundreds of blogs so that each only requires a few visitors but between them pull in your targets.

Monetize straight away with Adsense as it will encourage you as you see your earnings grow with your traffic. Once you reach your targets you can then buy a few courses on affiliate marketing and list building and increase your profits even more.

Don’t wait and think about it, get started straight away. You can’t make money blogging until you actually have a blog and start blogging!

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