Friday, February 8, 2008

Internet Job

Internet Jobs When we think of a job, often we imagine getting paid by the hour. Work 10 hours get paid at the agreed rate 10 times. Internet jobs from home can be deceiving because we apply this expectation to our online investigations. The truth is it is extremely rare to get paid by the hour on the Internet especially if you are working from home simply because an employer can never verify how many hours worked so they can pay you. Typically what is meant by Internet jobs from home is that you are paid for work completed at the agreed rate for what the work was contracted for. In this way you are really offering your services and running a business. There are better ways to earn money online, but this type of income is ok if you really want to develop a career online. Since you are running a business anyway with Internet jobs from home, you may consider a much more lucrative business model anyway. The extreme leverage of the Internet makes it possible for average people to make far more than just a regular salary. What I mean by leverage is that the Internet is for all intents and purposes the worlds biggest vending machine. That is...on the Internet, there are opportunities where you can conceivably do the work once and get paid for ever. This type of leverage makes it possible to create multiple streams of income. If you compare this business model with Internet jobs from home, you may be disappointed with the latter. Internet jobs from home are typically writing jobs for web masters or book keeping styles of jobs. While when you work on the Internet as an entrepreneur, you will find that leveraged type of income is a much better alternative.


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