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ebay Business Opportunities

You Can Start Your Own eBay Business Today for FREE! We have made SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS with the Top Recommended Companies to GIVE you their Products for FREE! All You have to do is cover shipping!

Make Money with eBay Free eBay Cash Machine Turn Your Home Computer Into A Money Making Machine. This will teach you everything you need to know to make good money on eBay. It's so simple - you sell any products you like including all of the thousands of name brand products supplied by resources they provide to you. BONUS - You'll receive a $300 to starting bonus! ebay profit secrets eBay for Dummies Kim from Oklahoma made $500.00 the first time she tried selling on EBAY using this FREE eBay auction kit! She earned it in a few short hours! She had no past experience! This Kit is FREE for a limited time, get it now!
Free ebay money making kit eBay Auction Freeway For immediate release. As seen on the TV program 60 Minutes. Over 430,000 people currently earn a regular income on eBay. What are you waiting for? Let our FREE system show you the way! Receive our FREE system today and you'll get four eBooks PLUS ANOTHER FREE BONUS VALUED AT $495, All absolutely FREE! Make Money with data entry eBay ePower and Profits Free CD that will show you how to make $25,000 a month on eBay, the biggest ecommerce site on the Internet! Over 800,000 people use eBay as a primary or secondary income source...and so can you. Don't drag yourself out of bed for another Monday morning at the office. Stay in your pajamas and be your own boss. Then start making up to $25,000 a month!

Can you really make a living from eBay?

ABSOLUTELY! Everyone on the internet knows eBay. While many people pay thousands of dollars to have a website built and then thousands more to advertise it and get traffic, the smart entrepreneurs are going where the traffic already is. eBay has over 400,000 registered users and generates millions of dollars in transactions daily. With all this money changing hands, many people have tried starting an ebay business. Some are very successful but most fail.

The popularity of eBay and the fact that now anyone who has basic computer knowledge can open an online business has produced countless numbers of ebooks and business plans for how to get rich from eBay.

The Facts Are... We have scoured through many sites that claim they will provide you a great ebay business plan and get you earning thousands of dollars instantly, and unfortunately many of them are incomplete with poor quality. These sites typically tell you the obvious answer for what needs to be done: Buy a product cheap and sell it for more. With no further instructions of WHERE to buy from and HOW to get the most out of your products. Many of these "How-To" sites list old and outdated sources for buying products with links that don't even work.

There is hope! We did find some excellent sites that offer very good ebay business plans that if followed CAN start a profitable business on eBay. These resources teach you about what works and what doesn't, what sells and what won't and exactly how to build your ads to make the greatest amount of money. Below we have listed the very best eBay Courses we could find. We spent countless hours finding these reputable companies and now we are passing the knowledge onto you.

**** Remember You ONLY Pay for Shipping! **** We have made SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS with the Top Three Recommended Companies to GIVE you their Products for FREE! All You have to do is cover shipping!

Main Site Our Rating Cost Shipping
eBay Cash Machine 5 out of 5 Stars Free $1.87
Auction Freeway 5 out of 5 Stars Free $5.95
eBay ePower and Profits 4 out of 5 Stars Free $1.95
eBay for Dummies 3 out of 5 Stars Free $3.67

Detailed reviews of the above eBay Courses have been written below. For more information about a particular company, just click the "More Information" Link and you will be directed to the products website.

Auction Freeway Review: Auction Freeway is the most comprehensive program we found online. They teach you everything you will need to know to get up and running, a few of their benefits include: eBay Submission Tool (This is $495 Value In Itself!), a turn key eBay Site built for you, $300 Starting Bonus - Including $150 in free advertising Credits, a Complete ebook that explains everything from the ground up, and an Excellent Source for Wholesale Goods to buy and turn around at sell for 100%, 200%, or 300% profit!

Recommendation: Excellent all around program. If you are brand new to eBay or have been doing it as a hobby for some time now, there will be something in this that will greatly benefit you! This program is Our TOP Choice for eBay Guides and Receives Our HIGHEST Ranking - 5 Stars. Price: $39.95 Free - You ONLY Pay $5.95 Shipping!

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eBay ePower and Profits Review: ePower and Profits will help you become more than just your average eBay seller. They provide you with all the proven tools to begin selling your first auction on eBay today. They cover most everything and do a very good job of teaching you how to become a power seller very quickly. They have a few special sections detailing how to get the Highest Bids for your products, Where to find the best products to sell, How to avoid Non Paying Bidders, and more.

Recommendation: Great ebay starter or refresher course. They also provide a $300 Starting Bonus to jump start your eBay venture! Price: $39.95 Free - You ONLY Pay $1.95 Shipping!

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eBay For Dummies Review: This is a very legitimate eBay program, but in our opinion, not the best. You will receive a free copy of the mini book eBay tips For dummies and they also include some good places to check out for purchasing wholesale items. In addition to the free ebook they give you, you will also receive some sample chapters from other ebooks.

Recommendation: A good source of information, but not the best. You only get bits of information from the sample ebooks and some of the more important tools seem to be missing. Price: $49.95 Free - You ONLY Pay $3.67 Shipping!

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More eBay Resources:

Web Site (click for details)

Income Potential

Product Cost

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$11,212.00 A Month On ebay


$39.95 One Time Fee a
ebay Millionaire Secrets


$197 (for only the serious!) a
Express ebay Profits


$39.95 One Time Fee a
Work at Home Business Online Auction Mall


Varies a
Free eBay Articles: How do you find people willing to sell you items you can sell for huge profits on ebay? Simple. You advertise. Advertising is about communicating. It's about letting people know what you have to offer.. and what you want in return. Usually ads are placed to sell products. But what I'm suggesting you do is place ads to locate products you can then re-sell on EBay. 26 Tips For Making The Most Of Your eBay Product Finding Classified And Small Display Advertising Learning how to create and place successful classified ads is crucial to your success in the area of buying and selling. Cash in on eBay Express Tips you can use TODAY to dramatically increase your sales by cashing in on eBay express. Nine Simple eBay Selling Hints Some of these eBay hints will save you money, others will result in higher prices. Either way, these will help you run more profitable eBay auctions. It Pays to Be Lazy on eBay I have a friend who has a pretty good business selling a variety of items on eBay and other online auctions. His system is simple, he goes to flea markets, physical auctions, thrift shops and close outs and buys stock to sell on eBay. Finding Antiques And Collectibles To Sell On eBay Many people who decide to make a living selling collectibles on eBay soon fail. I meet them in the line at the post office. They tell me they just quit their job in order to sell things full time on eBay. Taking Paypal on eBay Accepting Paypal as a payment method might increase your selling prices and your profits. This depends on what you are selling. I sell collectibles to collectors. My clients are like junkies. They will buy regardless of the payment options, so not offering Paypal won't make much difference in the final selling prices. Using Paypal for eBay Purchases Paypal is the preferred payment choice for many buyers because Paypal allows buyers to pay instantly for eBay purchases. In this article, we will review using Paypal on eBay from the buyer's point of view. An Introduction To eBay Consignment After I started selling on eBay, I was approached by friends without computers who wanted me to sell their items for them. They had heard stories about the outrageous prices items some ebay auctions brought. They knew I could get more money for them on eBay than they could get selling the items themselves. How to Make eBay Pay You $25,000.00 Per Month There are many ways to take your business to the next level. There are a lot of strategies you could employ to bring in an extra $25,000.00 dollars each month. Unfortunately, few of those strategies are free, and even fewer promise to work for you as hard as the eBay Affiliate Program. The eBay Affiliate Program will be your business ally, equipping you with easy cash flow and more business tools than you can imagine. Top Ebay Selling Tips I just want to share with you guys'n'gals a few little tip-ettes and tricks that I personally have always found to be Steve-tasticly good for pulling in the greenbacks with the help of the mighty Ebay. Ebay And Dropshipping, A Marriage Made In Heaven? Believe it or not, eBay is the 'BEST' opportunity you can use right now to make money online in the dropshipping business from the comfort of your own home. The One Essential Thing You Need to Make Money on eBay With literally millions of auctions taking place on all the time, you can probably already guess what the number 1 essential you need in order to succeed on ebay. You need a 'USP'. What is a USP? Simple - a Unique Selling Proposition. Something that sets your auction apart from all the other similar auctions that are no doubt happening at the same time. There's nothing new about the concept of USP - every successful corporation tries to differentiate both itself and its products from rivals efforts, for obvious reason. Why Ebay Auctions are the Easiest Way to Start Making Money Online Today ...Let us say that you make the wise decision to zero in on the single site that has had the highest number of publicized cases of people who have actually made money. Real people with real names and addresses. The site is of course How To Cut Your eBay Fees By More Than 90% Now, are you ready for the REAL TRUTH about selling on eBay? It's simple; don't list too many items for sale using their auction format. Instead, set up one of their stores. The cost starts at just $9.99 per month. Remove These Objections and Watch Your eBay Auctions Fly ...In your auction description you need to remove as many of these objections as you can. Ebay Auction: Ebay Selling…Top 10 Secrets Revealed The Ebay explosion has hit astronomical proportions. Over 11 million people did a search for Ebay last month alone on the internet. From all walks of life, everyone is drawn to Ebay. EBay: No Way…Yes Way (Ten Seller Themes) Hearing that there are more than 1.2 million registered eBay users, that more than 25,000 members make five figure income as full time eBay entrepreneurs, and that more than 250,000 part timers make several thousand dollars a year of supplementary income from eBay enterprises would make anyone comment in disbelief with, “No Way”. But the correct response to this is, “Yes, way.” In fact, it has also been reported that the number one eBay entrepreneur makes over a million dollars a year. As Austin Powers would say, “Yeah, Baby.” Or should we say, “E-Baby.” eBay the Easy Way! Last week, I picked up a copy of Entrepreneur’s eBay Startup Guide magazine. It’s filled with helpful articles for those interested in starting their own successful Ebay business. The guide gives great step-by-step advice for determining what to list, the right tools for the job, and the best way to sell your merchandise. eBay has created some incredible stories of entrepreneurs like Michael Lehman and Randy Smythe, who started selling DVDs exclusively on eBay. Last year, their revenue totaled $3.6 million and they expect to hit $7 million by the end of this year.


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